BMP Evaluations

Facilities and muncipalities that operate stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) should periodically evaluate their performance. The evaluation will determine the efficiency to which the BMP removes pollutants from the runoff entering the device. BMPs are useful only if they remove the pollutants for which they were designed. Without regular and proper maintenance, BMP performance can degrade.

BMPs Subject to Evaluation

Structural BMPs, as listed above, are not the only BMP type subject to evaluation. Programmatic BMPs such as spill prevention and response training, inventory control, adequate storage and handling, and employee awareness should also be evaluated for effectiveness. Compliance with environmental regulations is dynamic. Facilities should regularly assess current practices and consider different pollution prevention and pollution reduction methods where feasible. Facilities in coastal counties and water supply watersheds are subject to stringent runoff controls and will benefit from an independent evaluation.

Our evaluation report will describe exisiting conditions, improved maintenance methods, inspection schedules, needed remediation, other necessary improvements and additional information as requested by the client.

Stormwater Services Group can also train your staff to perform these evaluations.

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