Erosion Control Inspections

Construction sites larger than one acre are required to follow an approved soil erosion and sedimentation control plan. NPDES, state, and local rules often require that the installed erosion devices be inspected once every seven days and after significant rainfall events. These inspections must be documented.

Staff from Stormwater Services Group can come to your site - subdivision, shopping center, or highway projects - and conduct inspections required by NPDES permits and other local regulations. We can also evaluate your construction site and prepare an action plan to bring it into compliance.

Many municipalities are getting more and more complaints from citizen reporting excess off-site sedimentation problems. Silt and sediment leaving your construction site is a serious pollutant problem that can clog storm inlets, silt-up ponds, impair visual aesthetics, and smother benthic fauna. Fines for causing off-site sedimentation can cost many thousands of dollars per day. Avoid these problems by ensuring that your erosion control devices are functioning properly.

Items Subject to Inspection

Effective March 10, 2003, all construction sites larger than one acre are required to have the installed erosion control devices inspected once every 7 calendar days and within 24 hours after every rainfall exceeding 0.5 inches. Written documentation of these inspections must remain at the construction site. It is the responsibility of the developer or other financially-responsible party to conduct these inspections.

We are offering this inspection service to municipalities, developers, and grading contractors for projects in central North Carolina. Our fees start at $75 per inspection which will include the weekly site visit and a written report of each inspection. We would be pleased to provide a quotation for other locations.

Stormwater Services Group can also train your staff to perform these inspections. We have presented TRAINING WORKSHOPS to grading contractors, developers, and others on how to inspect erosion control devices and comply with stormwater discharge permits.

Jim Frei, our principle erosion control specialist is a certified NCDOT Level II Erosion Control Site Manager (Certification Number 691).

To receive more information, to request a site visit, or to speak with a stormwater specialist, submit your request here.

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