Stormwater Management Programs

Stormwater Management Programs (SWMPs) can include water quality as well as water quantity (flooding and drainage) components. Municipalities will develop SWMPs to deal with local watershed problems such as water-supply protection, flooding, water pollution, or state-mandated regulations. Cities subject to Phase I NPDES regs (population > 100,000) are required to implement very comprehensive SWMPs. Cities subject to the Phase II NPDES regs (population < 100,000) will be required to develop and implement similar SWMPs. Phase II municipalities will be required to develop a program that incorporate these six minimum control measures:

Stormwater Services Group can develop these programs for municipalities or provide other levels of assistance.

Municipalities within threatened watersheds may be required to develop stormwater management plans that address water quality issues. For example, in North Carolina, municipalities within the Neuse River Basin are required to develop a SWMP that encompasses erosion control, riparian buffer protection, illicit connection elimination, and other components to reduce nitrogen loading.

Many states are developing programs on a macro-watershed approach to deal with surface water pollution. Often, cities and towns are unsure of their requirements, how to proceed, and how to pay for these new initiatives. We can develop initial action plans (e.g., assess needs, assess funding sources) for municipalities that will provide a dynamic roadmap for meeting their local requirements. It is our experience that small defined steps with buy-in from the stakeholders will result in an effective and acceptable program. We can assemble a team that will provide smart solutions to your stormwater management needs.

Developers of commercial and industrial parks should consider water quantity issues when designing their projects. We can help with selecting and sizing appropriate devices to control stormwater runoff, reduce downstream flooding, and minimize erosive flow velocities. With more and more emphasis on stormwater control, we can assist with plan approvals through the local regulatory agencies.

Water Quality Progams developed by industrial facilities are usually defined as Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and are required by the NPDES regulations. A typical Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, or SWPPP, is a site-specific document written for an individual facility. A SWPPP will include the following components:

Facilities with industrial-type activities, but not subject to current NPDES regulations, may desire to develop a stormwater management program to improve the runoff quality from the site or to mitigate other water quality or quantity-related problems.

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