Water Quality Monitoring Programs

Water Quality Monitoring Programs are implemented for a variety of reasons. Most NPDES Stormwater Discharge Permits require the permittee to conduct regular monitoring of runoff (both visual and analytical) and discharges. Some river basin plans may require municipalities and industries to conduct surface water monitoring. Monitoring is frequently one of the tools used to assess the effectiveness of Best Management Practices and Stormwater Management Plans. Some or all of the following parameters may be used to assess water quality.

Common Parameters in Typical Monitoring Programs

Facilities with industrial-type activities, but not subject to current NPDES regulations, may desire to develop water quality monitoring programs to assess runoff quality from the site or to aid in mitigating water quality problems in on-site streams and lakes.

Phase II cities and facilities within threatened watersheds may be required to develop water quality monitoring programs. Stormwater Services Group can develop these programs, provide all field collection and laboratory services, and submit the data to the regulatory agencies. We can also train your staff to implement the program. Each program we develop is specific to our client's needs.

We also collect and analyze effluent samples from sand filter/ septic systems in accordance with NPDES General Permit NCG550000. This is a specific requirement for certain home owners located in North Carolina that operate a sand filter/ septic system.

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