SWPPP Development Workshops

Stormwater Services Group can come to your site and present workshops for your staff covering any and all aspects of the NPDES Stormwater Discharge Permit regulations. One popular workshop has been the SWPPP Development Workshop. During this workshop, a comprehensive Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for your facility is written in a concerted effort between us and your staff. Typically, this workshop requires a full-day committment. The extremely large and complex site may require more effort.

Prior to the workshop, the client gathers facility data such as site maps, drainage plans, hazmat inventories, and designates a pollution prevention team. During the workshop, we provide an industry-specific workbook with EPA-reviewed templates, forms, and checklists that are used to develop the SWPPP. By the end of the workshop, a near-final SWPPP document is developed. We say near-final because there will always be some additional data that has to be obtained after the workshop back at the facility, and incorporated into the SWPPP.

The SWPPP Development Workshop is one way that companies with many similar facilities can develop SWPPPs cost-effectively. A representative from each plant can attend the workshop and leave with the tools to write a final SWPPP for his specific facility.

Another class we provide is the Permit and SWPPP Compliance Workshop. In this workshop, we train facility personnel on all aspects of the Permit regulations, SWPPP implementation, outfall monitoring, and facility inspections. The in-class time for this workshop is approximately three hours.

Facilities with industrial-type activities, but not subject to current NPDES regulations, may desire to develop stormwater pollution prevention plans to improve the runoff quality discharging from the site.

Phase II cities and facilities within threatened watersheds may be required to develop stormwater management plans and water quality monitoring programs. Stormwater Services Group can develop stormwater plans, provide all field investigations and assessment services, and train your staff for full compliance. Each plan we develop is specific for each client's situation.

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